Why spend so much on OEM ink when its going to waste?
Ever wonder whats going on when you hear your printer "going back and forth"? Well that your printer cleaning its self. In the process of that the ink has to go somewhere...
 In this old but true video you will see a consumer who discover the waste reservoir in his printer. All inkjet printer are made like this, if they didn't have this reservoir you would have ink leaking everywhere! 

Why would you spend so much on OEM ink when it goes to waste?
I have identified the printer used in the video.
 Lets break this down:
InkSellSA.com sells the cartridges for this printer. Current price is $7.95 for each color.
Current OEM price (getting price of Manufactures website) is: $39.59 for the black and $14.89 for each color.
Lets say this consumer purchased 1 set of cartridges (total of 4 carts.) every 3 months.
If he bought OEM ink he pays: $84.26 for the set every 3 months or $337.04 a year!!!
If he bought re-manufactured cartridges he would pay $31.80 every 3 months or $127.20 a year.
By sticking to re-manufactured cartridges  he could have saved $209.84 a year.
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