To reset:

For HL printers:
  1. Change the drum, keep the front door open while the printer is on;
  2. Press and hold the “GO” button until all lights are lit;
  3. Once all light are lit, release the “GO” button and close the front door;
  4. Make sure the drum light is off;
  5. The counter is reset.
For MFC, DCP multiple function machines:
  1. Open the front door where you put the cartridge in, push the “clear” or “option” button;
  2. It will prompt you: “Change drum, 1-Yes, 2-No”;
  3. Press 1, accept, the machine will reset the drum life.
  4. Close the front door, done!

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Follow up with us, we will explain the difference between a drum unit and a toner.
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